I'm Amin, a software developer based in Toronto, Canada. As of now, I'm a computer science student at York University; and much more when I'm not there. In my free time, I work part-time, play sports (tennis, swimming and skiing are my favourite ones) or I'm busy with my side projects.

Making Stuff

I believe in free (as in freedom) and open source software, therefore I make the source code of my projects publicly available. Here's a list of some stuff I've made:

See more on my GitHub profile.

Contacting Me

Writing to [email protected] is the preferred way of reaching me. My public key is available with the key id 8D91A578 and the following key fingerprint:

85AA 01B1 CF3B 0696 4A55 3EED ED39 D5FC 8D91 A578

You can also mention me on Twitter @aminban.

amin bandali